Black is white

Today I really surpassed myself with this posting:

15 Nov 2012, 8:11AM

ATL header picture:

The EU flag is really beautiful, in colour and pattern. It evokes feelings of a peaceful and civilised land, in constant movement toward progress. I always wondered why the conservatives don’t feel more at home at EU meetings with all that blue around!

Now look at the header picture that I’m referring to. It says “für Arbeit und Solidarität, nein zur sozialen Spaltung Europas”, i.e. “for work and solidarity, no to the social splitting of Europe”. Judging by the slogan and by the red flags surrounding it in the picture, it’s pretty clear that it’s a bunch of commies carrying that EU flag to Brandenburger Tor. The bloody Guardian gave them front stage, but see now how easily I turned their protest against the EU into a poetic action in support of the EU, at least for all those who don’t understand German or don’t pay enough attention. “The EU flag is really beautiful, in colour and pattern…”, I wrote, and in one swift go I both usurped the anti-EU demonstrators’ anti-EU flag to serve my own purposes, and made myself appear as the romantic visionary that I will never be.

I really think I did a wonderful job here, hijacking an entire anti-EU demonstration and turning it into its very opposite. Nobody could have it done better. In these matters of tricky propaganda, I rule supreme. Admire me.

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