Holy EU

Today I would like to bring back another posting of mine, to show you how skillful I am in spreading disinformation successfully. Here it is:

18 June 2012 11:38AM
Response to kizbot, 18 June 2012 11:23AM

The problem is that they have a disproportionate amount of power because of their association with the police and the fact that they know they can operate with impunity

If this is true it has to change. This is precisely the kind of endemic dysfunctional practices that the EU was designed to eradicate from its member states. I hope the EU reforms will succeed soon and result in a transparent police body that aims at working for the good of the people.

What do I do here? First, I don’t allow myself to be drawn into discussion about Golden Dawn, their association with the police and whether or not they can operate with impunity. The statement that I am replying to serves me well as a basis, and by not discussing it I avoid the pitfalls of facts and politics. Instead, I make it an issue of corruption. Well, “endemic dysfunctional practices” is really more than corruption, it also includes general incompetence, government unwillingness, inexistent judicial controls, passive citizens, the whole lot. In only three words I already managed to paint Greece as a dystopic nighmare where nothing functions.

And then, enter the EU. Of course I am fully aware that the EU has no remit and no authority to reform the police of member states, and that it was certainly not designed for that purpose. Does that stop me? If I say it, it is true. If I phrase it as an obvious truth, it becomes one and no-one challenges it. But that’s not the main point. What I am really doing here, is pitching for the austerity “reforms” that are being imposed on EU member states by making “reforms” synonymous to “transparency” and “the good of the people”.

See? In two and a half lines and two lies, I improved the image of the EU more than an entire PR department in Brussels does in a year. And I got away with it. How cool is that! Admire me.

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