Counting insults ;)

Here is another gem of mine. That Helianthe character is both Greek and leftist – utter trash in other words, I really can’t think of anything worse than that – so I took to the big bazooka.

3 October 2012 9:12PM
Response to Helianthe, 3 October 2012 8:51PM

This is what you do in Italy when you are *not* in power.

Once you get into power, then you get all your fingers into the honey, isn’t it?

How cynical of you to say this – and how stereotypical. I would be rather embarrassed to come out with such a simplistic blanket statement about any nation.

And what you say is exactly what the corrupts say – they pillage society on the excuse that anyone else would do the same in their position. How typical of you, another apologist here.

Well, Italy has many respectable and honest people that have done a lot of good work, but I would not expect you to know anything about them.

all at the expense of the Northern European taxpayer

Italy is one of the largest economies in the world, whether you like it or not. The Italian economy has sustained these excesses long before the EU funds came into the picture, and still does.

Now see how many insults I managed to deliver in this short posting:

  1. “Cynical” (code for immoral).
  2. “Sterotypical” (code for stupid).
  3. “I would be embarassed to be you”, two birds with one stone: she goes down, I go up.
  4. “Simplistic” (i.e. stupid, simple of mind).
  5. “Corrupt” (this one is particularly brilliant; I compare her statements to those of some vague undefined corrupt persons, and then paint her as corrupt herself by my own undefined association).
  6. “Typical of [her]” (confirmation of her corruption by circular reference to my own unfounded accusation).
  7. “Apologist” (haha, no-one can win against this one. No matter what they advocate, their goal is reprehensible by definition if they are apologists, so they themselves are also reprehensible because they advocate the reprehensible. Perfectly circular, there’s no way anyone can escape it.)
  8. “Italy has respectable and honest people – I would not expect you to know anything about them” (i.e. she’s so disreputed and dishonest, that she doesn’t even know what “respectable” and “honest” mean).

I think I did extremely well here. And last by not least, I even survived the Guardian’s moderation. You can imagine how many people must have reported my posting, and yet it was not moderated. That’s the art of using high-brow attitude and language to get away with anything, and I am a master of it. Admire me.

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