Solid argument

I decided to begin my anthology with an exquisite posting of mine on the Guardian, made last week. I simply can’t keep it from you.

5 October 2012 1:00PM
Response to PatLogan, 5 October 2012 12:09PM

What seems to work well in Germany, Elit, is technical education. There’s little evidence that the academic sector is notably effective or high performing – and similarly, schools seem passably effective, but not remarkably so.

Nonsense – the research coming out of the Max Planck for example is at the level of Oxbridge (or Russell Group) and Ivy league institutions, and can be superior in fact as they take turns in this. And research in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, music etc, which is what the Max Planck excels in, is not ‘technical’.

You have an uninformed stereotypical view of what is researched in Germany and clearly don’t know this sector too well.

See how nicely I put him down, diverting the subject from the academic sector in general to just one institute, while also calling his argument nonsense? Then I redefine “technical” as it suits me so that I can ridicule him based on my own invented premises, and proceed to kill him off by calling him a stereotyping ignorant.

It’s simply brilliant, if I may say so myself. I am an expert in this and very proud of it. Admire me.

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