Hello, welcome to my personal website. My name is elit22 and I am an arrogant hypocrite from northern Italy. I often post on the Guardian, and I take particular pleasure in bashing Greece and the Greeks. But I also comment on other subjects, often on European economical and political issues which allow me to demonstrate my superior knowledge and intelligence while patronising and insulting other users.

On this website I plan to share with you an anthology of my best postings of the past, along with the occasional original thoughts about myself. I hope you will enjoy them just as much as I do and that you will praise me accordingly in your comments. Be aware, however, that I pre-moderate all comments and delete those that could be perceived as even slightly critical of me.


Black is white

Today I really surpassed myself with this posting:

15 Nov 2012, 8:11AM

ATL header picture:

The EU flag is really beautiful, in colour and pattern. It evokes feelings of a peaceful and civilised land, in constant movement toward progress. I always wondered why the conservatives don’t feel more at home at EU meetings with all that blue around!

Now look at the header picture that I’m referring to. It says “für Arbeit und Solidarität, nein zur sozialen Spaltung Europas”, i.e. “for work and solidarity, no to the social splitting of Europe”. Judging by the slogan and by the red flags surrounding it in the picture, it’s pretty clear that it’s a bunch of commies carrying that EU flag to Brandenburger Tor. The bloody Guardian gave them front stage, but see now how easily I turned their protest against the EU into a poetic action in support of the EU, at least for all those who don’t understand German or don’t pay enough attention. “The EU flag is really beautiful, in colour and pattern…”, I wrote, and in one swift go I both usurped the anti-EU demonstrators’ anti-EU flag to serve my own purposes, and made myself appear as the romantic visionary that I will never be.

I really think I did a wonderful job here, hijacking an entire anti-EU demonstration and turning it into its very opposite. Nobody could have it done better. In these matters of tricky propaganda, I rule supreme. Admire me.


Moderation excellence

I took a long break from the Guardian, but now I’m back and I just got an opportunity to show you yet another one of my many skills: how I silence my critics.

As you already know, I don’t hesitate to insult idiots. On the contrary, I’m very good at it and I enjoy it greatly. At the same time I do not tolerate any criticism of myself, let alone insults. Why should I? Those who criticise me are idiots and we are all much better off without them. That’s why I have honed my reporting skills to perfection, so that I can manipulate the Guardian moderators at will. Depending on the posting that I want removed I can play hurt, offended or indignated, on behalf of myself or of others. I report postings for what they say, but also for things that they don’t say; that’s the “he implies that…” ace up my sleeve. It’s a matter of giving every report the right twist and/or twisting the words of the poster that I am reporting.  The moderators – not too bright chaps, luckily, nor particularly diligent – fall for it almost invariably, and I can pride myself with a near-100% success rate.

Today I had one of my best performances ever. First I posted this:

10 November 2012 9:10AM

The Guardian is sinking pretty low with this kind of reporting. It sounds more like I am reading FeMAIL than the Guardian. Who cares about a small donation made to a small football club/ school like this? How many are there we don’t report about? Ah, but this is in Greece and therefore can feed the Guardian’s media frenetic spinning of the moment – which seem to publish anything about Greece, even the silliest rubbish like this.

Get to grips please! Are you still a broadsheet worth reading or not?

Then one of the most annoying Greeks on the Guardian replied and dared to criticise me:

10 November 2012 11:29AM
Response to elit22, 10 November 2012 9:10AM

The Guardian is sinking pretty low with this kind of reporting

Get to grips please! Are you still a broadsheet worth reading or not?

If you’re interested you can read it, if you’re not interested you can skip. The Guardian is very broad after all, and I haven’t seen you complaining in the sports section “who cares about a small club losing a match” or in the food section “who cares about broccoli, get a grip Guardian”.

Of course your long posting history on the business blog explains why. It’s not the level of reporting you care about, nor the Guardian’s editorial standards, but the opportunity to talk down Greece, directly or indirectly. You never miss one.

Of course I reported him immediately for a personal attack on me; the ad hominem button is one of the best. I phrased it nicely, but for some reason his posting was not deleted. I reported him again for falsely painting me as anti-Greek (hehe) and for twisting my words (hehe bis). Again his posting was not deleted, but I am not one to give up. I simply waited until the evening, when I knew that a new shift of sleepy and disinterested moderators would have replaced the previous shift, and reported him yet again. Bingo, success, his posting was deleted.

The beauty of it all is that my own posting, in which I tell the Guardian that it has “sunk pretty low” and that its correspondent Helena Smith is writing “the silliest rubbish”, was not moderated. As usual, I got away with it and my detractor did not. That’s what makes me so good. Admire me.


Calling a spade a spade

Last week I had to undergo a psychological evaluation as part of the selection process for a job that I applied for. Today I got the results. I was very pleased to see myself very accurately described as intelligent, ambitious, meticulous, determined and persevering, but in the box for “other relevant observations” there were some numbers: 301.81.

The psychologist who wrote this is an idiot. After all, what’s the point of using codes when he has already described me as intelligent, ambitious, meticulous, determined and persevering? Did he really think I would not figure out what the code means? All I had to do was to google “301.81” with the quotes and there was the explanation: it’s the DMV-IV classification for “narcissistic personality disorder”. I quote to you from a short description that I found on the net:

The symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder revolve around a pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and sense of entitlement. Often individuals feel overly important and will exaggerate achievements and will accept, and often demand, praise and admiration despite worthy achievements.  They may be overwhelmed with fantasies involving unlimited success, power, love, or beauty and feel that they can only be understood by others who are, like them, superior in some aspect of life.

There is a sense of entitlement, of being more deserving than others based solely on their superiority.  These symptoms, however, are a result of an underlying sense of inferiority and are often seen as overcompensation.  Because of this, they are often envious and even angry of others who have more, receive more respect or attention, or otherwise steal away the spotlight.

You read this and it’s pretty clear what it’s all about: pure unadulterated envy. It is the medical variant of the Christian requirement of false modesty and self-deprecation and of the venomous envy that Aksel Sandemose so brilliantly described in “A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks”.  It is the psychologist’s admission and affirmation of his own insignificance compared to me and of his total inability to cope with it. Yes, I am superior and I know it, and I have the courage to admit it. Admire me.


Holy EU

Today I would like to bring back another posting of mine, to show you how skillful I am in spreading disinformation successfully. Here it is:

18 June 2012 11:38AM
Response to kizbot, 18 June 2012 11:23AM

The problem is that they have a disproportionate amount of power because of their association with the police and the fact that they know they can operate with impunity

If this is true it has to change. This is precisely the kind of endemic dysfunctional practices that the EU was designed to eradicate from its member states. I hope the EU reforms will succeed soon and result in a transparent police body that aims at working for the good of the people.

What do I do here? First, I don’t allow myself to be drawn into discussion about Golden Dawn, their association with the police and whether or not they can operate with impunity. The statement that I am replying to serves me well as a basis, and by not discussing it I avoid the pitfalls of facts and politics. Instead, I make it an issue of corruption. Well, “endemic dysfunctional practices” is really more than corruption, it also includes general incompetence, government unwillingness, inexistent judicial controls, passive citizens, the whole lot. In only three words I already managed to paint Greece as a dystopic nighmare where nothing functions.

And then, enter the EU. Of course I am fully aware that the EU has no remit and no authority to reform the police of member states, and that it was certainly not designed for that purpose. Does that stop me? If I say it, it is true. If I phrase it as an obvious truth, it becomes one and no-one challenges it. But that’s not the main point. What I am really doing here, is pitching for the austerity “reforms” that are being imposed on EU member states by making “reforms” synonymous to “transparency” and “the good of the people”.

See? In two and a half lines and two lies, I improved the image of the EU more than an entire PR department in Brussels does in a year. And I got away with it. How cool is that! Admire me.


Counting insults ;)

Here is another gem of mine. That Helianthe character is both Greek and leftist – utter trash in other words, I really can’t think of anything worse than that – so I took to the big bazooka.

3 October 2012 9:12PM
Response to Helianthe, 3 October 2012 8:51PM

This is what you do in Italy when you are *not* in power.

Once you get into power, then you get all your fingers into the honey, isn’t it?

How cynical of you to say this – and how stereotypical. I would be rather embarrassed to come out with such a simplistic blanket statement about any nation.

And what you say is exactly what the corrupts say – they pillage society on the excuse that anyone else would do the same in their position. How typical of you, another apologist here.

Well, Italy has many respectable and honest people that have done a lot of good work, but I would not expect you to know anything about them.

all at the expense of the Northern European taxpayer

Italy is one of the largest economies in the world, whether you like it or not. The Italian economy has sustained these excesses long before the EU funds came into the picture, and still does.

Now see how many insults I managed to deliver in this short posting:

  1. “Cynical” (code for immoral).
  2. “Sterotypical” (code for stupid).
  3. “I would be embarassed to be you”, two birds with one stone: she goes down, I go up.
  4. “Simplistic” (i.e. stupid, simple of mind).
  5. “Corrupt” (this one is particularly brilliant; I compare her statements to those of some vague undefined corrupt persons, and then paint her as corrupt herself by my own undefined association).
  6. “Typical of [her]” (confirmation of her corruption by circular reference to my own unfounded accusation).
  7. “Apologist” (haha, no-one can win against this one. No matter what they advocate, their goal is reprehensible by definition if they are apologists, so they themselves are also reprehensible because they advocate the reprehensible. Perfectly circular, there’s no way anyone can escape it.)
  8. “Italy has respectable and honest people – I would not expect you to know anything about them” (i.e. she’s so disreputed and dishonest, that she doesn’t even know what “respectable” and “honest” mean).

I think I did extremely well here. And last by not least, I even survived the Guardian’s moderation. You can imagine how many people must have reported my posting, and yet it was not moderated. That’s the art of using high-brow attitude and language to get away with anything, and I am a master of it. Admire me.


Solid argument

I decided to begin my anthology with an exquisite posting of mine on the Guardian, made last week. I simply can’t keep it from you.

5 October 2012 1:00PM
Response to PatLogan, 5 October 2012 12:09PM

What seems to work well in Germany, Elit, is technical education. There’s little evidence that the academic sector is notably effective or high performing – and similarly, schools seem passably effective, but not remarkably so.

Nonsense – the research coming out of the Max Planck for example is at the level of Oxbridge (or Russell Group) and Ivy league institutions, and can be superior in fact as they take turns in this. And research in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, music etc, which is what the Max Planck excels in, is not ‘technical’.

You have an uninformed stereotypical view of what is researched in Germany and clearly don’t know this sector too well.

See how nicely I put him down, diverting the subject from the academic sector in general to just one institute, while also calling his argument nonsense? Then I redefine “technical” as it suits me so that I can ridicule him based on my own invented premises, and proceed to kill him off by calling him a stereotyping ignorant.

It’s simply brilliant, if I may say so myself. I am an expert in this and very proud of it. Admire me.